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100 Ways in 100 Days beta programme launches – and academic report published

The fun and educational, behaviour changing e-learning programme 100 Ways in 100 Days™ is set to launch in beta soon.  In the run-up, we are publishing an important new report, ‘The Psychological Underpinnings of Believability’ by Emeritus Professor Karen J. Pine & Claire Gregory, M.A.

People tend to avoid information that makes them feel uncomfortable, or where it’s complicated and they feel they have little control over it. The climate emergency falls into that category. Overwhelming messages can lead to paralysis and demoralisation, so it’s vital that the 100 Ways messaging focuses on hope, empowerment – and personal responsibility.

So we called in expert help to ensure the 100 Ways in 100 Days programme conveys planet-friendly messages in the most believable and motivating manner.

Gregory, a psychology researcher at the University of Surrey explains: “The study examines how the human mind goes about finding information believable nowadays. In cognitive psychology for instance there are two routes to believability, with intuition and analytics both having a role, but effective persuasion involves a combination of both, so we looked at these and much, much more, including how we use ‘heuristics’ (mental shortcuts), the role of emotion and how to replace old beliefs with new ones.

Findings from the resulting ‘Believability™’ report run as a golden thread within 100 Ways in 100 Days.  They aim to encourage incremental positive daily behaviour changes in individuals, to help promote sustainability.

As firm believers in collaboration, we hope the report will help others in the quest for great communications in sustainability and climate change.

Download the report