Help your employees work, live and think more sustainably, fast

And help save our planet

100 Ways in 100 Days:
learn to work, live and think more sustainably

This fun and inspiring e-learning

course will help you make simple changes that can have a big impact on the planet

* 60 per cent of all the ‘Ways’ can save you, or your organisation money too *


The world is facing a climate and environmental crisis. The UN says we need to unite and all do our bit, if the scale of the challenge is to be met. And we need to act now.



Developed in conjunction with sustainability and psychology experts at the University of Surrey, 100 Ways in 100 Days is a fascinating online programme that teaches you endless, easily achievable green tips, hints and hacks, for work, for home – and for play.


It’s a quick but powerful way to learn about what we, as individuals and a community can do, to make small changes that, cumulatively, can make a significant difference.



  • Learn well over 100 ways to reduce your environmental impact
  • Pick up easily actionable, green habits
  • Make sustainable choices at work, at home and in your community
  • Save money for yourself – and your organisation
  • Feel good about making a difference for the planet

How it works:

The 30 module ‘Fledgling’ course is divided into entertaining, bite-sized lessons, allowing you to learn at pace, though there are extra layers of information where you can delve much deeper, if you wish. They include a variety of learning styles from videos to quizzes, infographics, competitions and much more.



Further, longer programmes are in development and are coming soon.


Who is it for?

The course is for anyone who wants to learn more about sustainability and make a difference for the planet. It’s perfect for individuals, businesses and organisations of all sizes.


For individuals

Swimming tiger. 100 Ways in 100 Days sustainability e-learning programme

For organisations

Herd of elephants. 100 Ways in 100 Days sustainability e-learning programme