Veterinary team with golden retriever; 100 Ways in 100 Days now offering sustainability behaviour change and employee engagement training within the veterinary profession

100 Ways goes to the vets…

The latest VETchat podcast from Anthony Chadwick, The Webinar Vet sees this tireless veterinary environmentalist and pioneer of online vet education chatting to 100 Ways in 100 Days founder Sue Skeats. Do grab a cuppa, sit back and settle in to this fascinating listen; it’s all about the vital importance of sustainability, especially within the veterinary profession.

Anthony and Sue have a lot in common; Sue reveals her previous regular involvement with the ‘pet and vet’ world’ and why she halted her previous successful career to champion sustainability.

They also talk about how 100 Ways educates employees through entertaining, memorable and thought-provoking, bite-sized ‘Ways’, empowering them to make small ‘green changes’ and improvements in their everyday lives.

‘Green’ practices: saving money and attracting employees

Anthony was surprised to learn about such simple eco-hacks as not using plastic pens. Then there were no-brainer fixes for such overlooked carbon ‘sucks’ such as ‘Vampire Energy’ (more of which later in this blog series!) Sue explains how a lot of the 100 Ways switches can also save money for organisations AND individuals, as well as helping the planet. And how having green credentials can make your company more attractive to employees. The pair also swap notes on her top three easy tips veterinary professionals can action straight away.

Sue’s ‘pet and vet’ background…

What’s only touched upon in the podcast is that Sue worked with numerous animal related clients in her previous life, owning and running a busy PR agency. From (eons ago) securing the front page of the Daily Mail for Petplan with Lucky Lulu the Labrador (who’d had a pioneering leg op) to more recently getting Digby, Britain’s first [miniature] guide horse for blind people onto national TV – to creating a village-wide hedgehog conservation project that was featured on Blue Peter, she’s done quite a lot.

Rather less cuddly were PR pushes for Boris and Carrie the tarantulas (to educate people on why crawlies aren’t creepy) and holding a photocall to promote an in-pack poop scoop for a dog food brand. The client’s thoroughbred canine models didn’t turn up so Sue had to race around Battersea Park until she found an understudy doggy to borrow. He turned out to be an ex-Battersea pooch and a gorgeous, tousle haired one at that; he melted the hearts of the hard-nosed media that were present.

She explains: “While I’ve well and truly had my sustainability hat on for a while now it’s been a total delight to dip back into the ‘pet and vet’ world; this time to talk about engaging employees through sustainability, in and out of the veterinary practice.

So, back to the podcast. Listen to the full episode now via the Webinar Vet website or simply search ‘VETchat’ on your preferred podcast platform.

Happy listening!