100 Ways in 100 Days founder Sue Skeats wih Dalmatian George

From 100 Ways to 101 Dalmatians: pet ownership, the eco way

Last month saw 2024’s annual Love Your Pet Day. We posted a selection of eco-meanderings on our socials for those with office dogs, cats or other beasties and it turned out to be quite the hot topic, so we’re popping some of them onto our blog here too…

From black and white to green…

Our own pooch is four and a half month old George, seen here with our founder Sue Skeats. He’s gorgeous yes, but with our 100 Ways ‘easy sustainability’ hats on, it’s a reminder of how unsustainable pet ownership can potentially be – and how we can all do our bit to help save the planet.

Sue explains: “After not having had a dog for a number of years, I was shocked at the avalanche of plastic, in, especially, the UK’s biggest pet store and how it pays to scour labels and websites to find the greenest, but still excellent products.”

Planet-friendly pet business

It turns out (no great surprise here) that many of the businesses who are doing their pioneering bit for the planet while making terrific, ultra fit for purpose products are independents. We gave a shoutout to a number of them including Miro & Makauri 100% natural, eco-friendly toys (Milo the monkey is a great hit), Frogg enrichment toys (in habitat-friendly sustainable rubber), W’ZIS Dog Treats (all plant based and frankly, smell scrummy!) and Pets Corner, the ethical, carbon neutral pet shop. You’ve made life so much easier for us!

Sniffing out a [preloved] bargain

For those contemplating getting a furry friend this year, the second hand pet gear market is also booming and particularly useful for growing puppies (George is now onto his fourth crate he’s getting so big, not to mention the coats and dog beds he’s already been through.)

For those wanting to lighten their carbon pawprint, we at 100 Ways in 100 Days are planning a pet ownership module, packed with handy hints and tips, very soon!