Save money, save the planet: boiling up fag butts, inoculating against Black Friday and free gardening gold…

In our founder Sue’s Save Money; Save the Planet LinkedIn newsletter this month she’s been recounting a truly vile (or hysterical) incident (depending on your disposition), that set her on the path to sustainability. Extraordinary what people used to do before the days of health and safety. But anyway, if you want a glimpse of penny-pinching sustainability, vintage style, do take a look at the gory details.

She’s also looking at the drug that is Black Friday (and Cyber Monday): the psychology behind it – and some powerful tips on how to ‘just say ‘no’ – for the planet AND for your pocket.

And then, despite this wet and murky November, Sue’s gleefully channelling her inner Monty Don. She’s looking at how to turn trash into gardening gold – so you can get planning for a bumper grow-your-own crop next year. And cultivate your cash saving into the bargain.

If you’d like to hear more about how to saving money AND saving the planet, but this time for your work place colleagues, drop us a line for a chat.