100 Ways goes to the Blue Earth Summit…

We’re just coming up for air from the third, excellent Blue Earth Summit in Bristol and are bursting with new learnings (and inspirational new contacts made.)

Our 10 [random] jaw dropping facts gleaned from two days there…

  1. Storytelling is the way forward in empowering people to make positive change: 25% of The Blue Planet viewers took action after watching it (beach cleaning, litter picking etc.)
  2. Digital is thirsty work: data centres are water cooled – they’re often sited in already-water-depleted areas such as Arizona or Santiago. Some drinking water in London is now being diverted for cooling & Chat GPT ‘drinks’ half a litre of water for every 20 prompts
  3. 70% of all new beauty products launched into the market won’t be around in three years’ time, while some classics continue to sell, unchanged, like hot cakes – for decades. New isn’t always better.
  4. There’s a call for a National Nature Service to be set up; a Government-sponsored employment & training programme, providing paid work in environmental improvement and conservation
  5. To get people into nature create empathy: look for curious adaptations: the otherwise pedestrian looking bombadier beetle fascinates people. It shoots boiling acid out of its bottom at attackers
  6. In some countries tourism is the ONLY real alternative to the extractive industries in terms of income, but many people are conflicted about flying there
  7. A guy at the Soil Association has the best job title in the world: Head of Worms
  8. In terms of commerce, if you still want to be around in 10 or 20 years you can’t have a winner or loser in the supplier-purchaser relationship. You need to work together so both benefit
  9. Tie knots in empty orange nets in case they somehow end up in the environment: it’ll avoid hedgehogs getting tangled in them
  10. The UK Government is a beacon in terms of measuring emissions from its www.gov.uk website: it’s been monitoring it for 12 years – far ahead of most organisations

These and many other facts have fuelled a million thoughts for future 100 Ways in 100 Days modules.

So we’re back to storytelling. It runs like a golden thread through everything we do here at 100 Ways; helping people green up their lives by making quick, easily achievable, planet friendly choices. All in the spirit of marginal gains where, many people making many small changes really can have major impact.
Interested in firing up your workforce with green goodness and driving employee engagement? Do drop us a line. Our new ‘100 Ways Express’ programme (for individuals) is now live as well!