100 Ways in 100 Days goes global, with the University of Surrey

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with the University of Surrey, this time one that’s accelerating development of our 100 Ways in 100 Days™ e-learning modules, for international audiences.

They’re already designed to help people make small, everyday changes to reduce their environmental impact – and that’s a philosophy that makes deep sense wherever you are on planet Earth. However, what works in the UK won’t necessarily work overseas, for a myriad of reasons including: climate, religion, culture, maturity of sustainability thinking and infrastructure, governance and political will.

Local to global

So, with the support of the University, three exceptionally talented students have been feverishly researching and building additional layers of criteria and guiding principles into the foundations of the 100 Ways programme, to ensure module topics are relevant around the world. Crucially, these are now applied BEFORE module ideas are put into production. Then they’ll be turned into entertaining, informative and compelling videos, quizzes, games and more.

We’re hugely grateful for the University of Surrey’s support – and in particular to its IKEEP business support initiative, which has made everything possible.

Student Spotlight

So, ta-da! Let’s turn a spotlight on our superstar team. They came together, from different academic disciplines and different backgrounds to show what a combination of bright brains, diversity in thinking and unbridled enthusiasm can do…

**Mariam Abougabal** is a third year undergraduate student studying for a degree in economics and finance. She is the winner of the Top Academic Achiever award in the university’s School of Economics. Mariam, from Cairo, recently finished another assignment; helping refugees in Egypt as a voluntary Women’s Economic Empowerment Assistant (for the United Nations World Food Programme.

She is passionate about social impact and using her skills to help make a difference in the world.

**Anmol Thapa** from Basingstoke has an MsC in International Financial Management and a degree in business management, both from Surrey. Multi-skilled, highly efficient, a creative thinker and very driven, Anmol’s goal is to contribute meaningfully to organisational success and global improvement, combined with the highest ethical standards.

**Shabnam Fathima Basheer** is studying for a masters in Surrey’s highly competitive Artificial Intelligence course. Already a certified AI engineer with extensive business experience in digital marketing and programming Shabnam, from India, also has an MBA and a computer science degree. She feels it is never too late to start making positive changes to help the environment.

And all three are lovely, lovely people to boot.

Thank you Mariam, Anmol and Shabnam (and the University of Surrey) for your sterling work on 100 Ways in 100 Days, to help the programme resonate even more deeply with people, wherever they may be.